Who we are

Les Mood is recognized as an energy expert in the industry and has taken his expertise online directly to the energy industry. 15+ years in the energy industry and a leader in clean energy for all, Les is connecting with energy companies throughout the world to present their message to his audience.

Where to see:

Energy Independence Show is showcased primarily in video format on LinkedIN LIVE (beta) and Facebook LIVE. Currently reviewing products, interviewing guests and reporting on the energy news in video format and articles.

Who we reach:

We reach a wide range of locations, some locally in California and ranging worldwide. Visitors on the page come from regions with the greatest energy industry activity and interest. Top leaders watch our content for the latest industry news and competitive intelligence. 

What our message is:

EIS is dedicated to bringing the latest news in energy from all aspects of our lives. Our primary focus in the developing move toward renewable energy and emobility. Topics range from technology to policy and everything in between. 

How to join us

We are looking for partners to sponsor the show who share our audience interests in energy, technology and sustainability. In return for helping us we want to brand your company with ours by logo representation, video promo or an interview with your brand manager. We can help you to be the voice of your industry, highlighting your leadership. Let’s bring out the best in what you do and showcase it on our show!